Mad labs Sour Apple


Sour Apple delivers an exquisite blend of woody, tropical and pine flavors, which is something to look forward to. The strain is quite popular for its high. Unlike most other hybrid strains, it will neither knock you out nor will it affect your focus or concentration. After smoking the strain, you will feel energized and feel euphoric at the same time. If you are having a bad day, Sour Apple is just what you need to get back on track.

Mad labs Sour Apple

Mad labs Sour Apple is an old school meets new school with this sativa dominant hybrid. Uplifting and euphoric like its Sour lineage would suggest with a touch of grounding influence from the Wookies. A fruit-forward diesel gas flavor profile with hints of stone fruit layered on top of a strong diesel finish; Sour Wookies is a great addition to happy hour or weekends spent in nature with friends.

About this strain mad labs Sour Apple

A cross in between an initial mad lab Sour Apple duplicate and also a Cinderella 99 male, Sour Apple is a hybrid strain originally reproduce by Leading Rack Seeds. Sour Apple is usually distinguishable by its noticable fragrant fusion of caramelized apples and also diesel fuel. While the original cut of Sour Apple was apparently just offer as a duplicate, various other supposed variants have appeared in certain seed financial institution choices. Also Los Angeles-based marijuana farmers Jungle Children have a Sour Apple cultivar in their collection.

Sour Apple Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance carts

One fast sniff of Sour Apple as well as it is clear exactly how this stress got its name, with a solid smell of sour candy apple loading your nostrils. As a result of its solid, sweet smell, it is easy to be tricked into thinking that mad labs Sour Apple is an uncommon brand name of candy just waiting to be eaten.

Grinding Sour Apple launches an also stronger aroma that loads the air with a homely, wonderful smell, similar to Grandmother’s kitchen when she makes her precious apple pie. All that is missing out on is a dash of cinnamon and also the smell of cooking pie crust.

THC Content – Highest Test

Sour Apple carts has a very high THC web content when contrasted to the 12.5% standard for Indicas, with the most affordable THC of Sour Apple reported being 14% and the greatest being 27%.

The ordinary THC content that you can anticipate  in Sour Apple is 22%, nearly an entire 10% more than the average easily knock you out with only a few puffs.


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